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Foxconn security chief denies beating Sun
    2009年07月23日  09:03    Shenzhen Daily

THE security chief for Foxconn Technology Group said he did not beat Sun Danyong, the young man who last week killed himself over a missing iPhone prototype at the company.

Gu Qinming interrogated Sun the day before the 25-year-old employee jumped to his death. In an interview with the Southern Metropolis Daily yesterday, Gu said that “it was absolutely impossible” for him to have beaten Sun during the interrogation because there were several people in the room with him.

Sun leaped from a 12-story building next to his home in Bao’an District at 3:30 a.m. July 16 after one of the iPhone prototypes he was in charge of went missing.

Sun’s classmates said he told them he had been taken into custody and beaten and that his home was searched by the company’s security staff.

Surveillance video footage provided by Foxconn showed that Sun was questioned by security personnel twice July 15.

The footage shows Gu grabbing Sun by the right shoulder once but no other physical contact.

Gu, who has been suspended without pay, said he felt very sad and surprised about Sun’s death.

Gu said Sun’s statement was inconsistent with other information. During the first interrogation Sun said he left for a while when the iPhone prototypes were delivered, but another worker at the scene said Sun was present throughout the delivery.

“I questioned him about that, but he did not answer. I became a little angry and grabbed his right shoulder to get him to reenact the situation. But he would not move,” Gu told the Daily.

Gu added that Sun had offered to take security personnel to his home if needed. “I felt it was inappropriate (to search his home), but Sun insisted. So I asked him to sign an agreement,” said Gu.

Guo Taiming, president of Foxconn who works out of the company headquarters in Taiwan, ordered the Shenzhen branch to investigate Gu’s interrogation.

Apple said it was saddened by the death and was waiting for the results of the investigation.

(Helen Deng)

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